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Supercut and Tungsten Carbide Surgical Instruments

Surgical Instruments High Quality Tungsten Carbide

We offer an extensive range of TC surgical instruments

Surgical instruments with hard and durable sharpness ,ideal for open surgery and laparoscopic surgery.

The instruments are forged from the highest grades of surgical stainless steel with TC inserts  and will retain their cutting edge for years without being sharpened

Welded tungsten carbide inlays provide the highest level of performance and durability. Tungsten carbide instrument will last up to five times longer compared to standard stainless steel surgical instruments.

We also supply a range of Sure-cut scissor wich offer  a sharp and smooth cut.

All instruments are  Accredited to ISO 9001:2000 and are CE marked  in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive

All our  TC surgical instruments  have a 10-year warranty. They are guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a minimum of 10 years. 

In the unlikely event that any instrument is found to be unsatisfactory in normal use within 10 years of purchase it will be refurbished or replaced free of charge. This guarantee does not cover products which have become defective through misuse, neglect, or repair by other companies. 
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