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Vomit Bags Total Protected Hands
Vomit bag  that is recommended in the event of nausea or vomiting especially in the case of emergency operations or risk of infection. ​It prevents splashing as well as any soiling of the users hands or surroundings.

Fitted with an absorbent pad with Alveol-Technology, it absorbs the vomit and allows its elimination, thereby guaranteeing optimal working and hygiene conditions.

It guarantees and increases the conditions of safety and practicality for the users, while preserving the environment, dignity and comfort of the patient .Wrapping: no dispersion of particles, neither of absorbent powder nor of cellulose

Easy to use ,open the box and tear off the first bag of the roll by referring to the perforated line. Insert your hands into the protective flap and open the bag.

The vomit bag is ready for use, the hands are fully protected. The pad lays at the bottom of the bag and it guarantees an ultra-quick absorption of up to 600 ml of vomit.

The patient must vomit directly into the bag. The special wrapping around the pad ensures that no micro-cellulose or powder is dispersed into the bag or on the skin. Hypoallergenic, the bag and the pad are dermatologically tested to protect the caregiver and the patient, even in cases of frequent or prolonged use.

After the use, close the bag by pulling the drawstrings and if necessary, tie a knot. Do not throw the bag in the toilet.


  • It reduces odours and blocks micro-organisms

  • MDPE liner: more resistant, but with reduced use of plastic

  • Satin finish: does not stick to the skin

  • Hypoallergenic: dermatologically tested

  • Dimension: 25x25 cm

  • Packs containing: 20 pcs

  • Latex Free

  • Single use only

  • Medical device class I

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Vomit Bags Total Protected Hands Box of 20

  • Vomit Bags Total Protected Hands  Box of 20 Vomit Bags Total Protected Hands  Box of 20
    Vomit Bags Total Protected Hands Box of 20
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