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Ultrasonic and Compressor Nebuliser

Ultrasonic and Compressor Nebuliser

Effective inhalation therapy from  Beurer ,Omron and Clement Clarke

 A range of  innovative  easy-to-use ultrasonic nebulizers that provide a silent, fast and portable operation with optimal particle size

The range of nebulisers supplied by Medema are well-conceived complete solutions, consisting of carefully designed nebulisers able to cope with almost any type of demand.

The Medix nebulisers by Clement Clarke is available both for home use and  clinical use.The range include AC2000 and the the world traveller nebuliser that can be used in any country in the world.

The Beurer range include a handheld  portable ultrasonic nebuliser and the Omron range include a specially designed nebuliser for babies and children with an attractive design

All our nebulisers are supplied complete-ready to use and we stock all spareparts ,a full range of masks,filters tubing,  and accessories are available

It is important that nebulisers are thoroughly cleaned and should be clean as per manufacturer’s guidelines. Commonly the regular cleaning process involves using a clean cloth and warm, soapy warm e.g. washing up
liquid, to wipe the unit clean on a daily basis

Please select a model  from manufacturers including Omron, Medix and Beurer

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