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Surgical Instruments

Surgical Instruments

High quality handcrafted, forged  precision surgical instruments for all fields of speciality.

A comprehensive range of surgical instruments for General Surgery, Abdomin, Gynecology & Obstetrics  ENT, Tonsillectomy & Tracheotomy Cardiovascular, Neurology and  Ophthalmology.

This range also includes the Magna-Mat Magnetic Silicone Mat for surgical instruments designed to provide a safe surface and a  high capacity to hold instruments.

Our ranges consist of re-usable stainless steel surgical Instruments and instruments with tungsten carbide inserts

All instruments are  of theatre quality, reusable and manufactured to the highest standards.Hand crafted and forged from Japanese surgical grade stainless steel .

Accredited to ISO 9001:2000 and are CE marked in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive.

All equipment is guaranteed to be free from material and manufacturing defects and supplied with a 10 year  manufacturer's guarantee. We will repair or replace defective product.

Signs of abuse due to the use of unapproved disinfecting agents, damage and corrusion caused by unapproved sterilisation
methods and too much  re-sharpening, are not legitimate claims under the terms of this guarantee.

We also supply a range of instrument care products including high performance enzyme cleaners, cleaning brushes, and  rust inhibitors  which are used in the decontamination process of surgical instruments.This product range can be found in the product group decontaminiation process  click on the link below
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