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Protective Eyewear Medical Safety Glasses and Face Visors

Protective Eyewear Medical Safety Glasses and Face Visors

Welcome to our range of Medical Safety Glasses and Eye and Face Protection  Equipment.

A range of essential eye protection  and PPE equipment
Our range is stylish and easy-to-wear and provides premium protection at all times while offering unbeatable comfort .  Protective eyewear protects both staff and patients from harmful and potentially hazardous splashes or debris.

With crystal clear shields and optimal quality polycarbonate design, our protective eyewear products include a range of eye-visors, eye-shields face-visors and full face  face visor shields that offer unbreakable protection for your eyes with superior optical quality. The range of full frame adjustable eyewear and safety glasses all meet  ANSI Z87 standards 

Clear and attractive, these eyewear products provide unique protection for the wearer against, bodily fluids,flying debris, splashes and aerosols. Suitable for  medical, dental and emergency medical healthcare workers.

Our range also  includes  full frame coloured  glasses that  have an  anti-fog and anti-reflective lens ,and splash goggles are designed to protect the wearer from liquid and chemical splash

Safety Glasses  Wear and Care
Make sure  that  your safety glasses fit properly.
Wear safety glasses so that the temples fit comfortably over the ears
The frame should be as close to the face as possible and supported by the bridge of the nose.
Clean your safety glasses daily according to manufacturer's instructions
Keep them in a case when they are not being worn.
Replace scratched, or bent  glasses.
Damaged glasses do not provide protection.


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