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Inspiratory Devices

Inspiratory Devices

A vast number of patients still use inhalers incorrectly. This hinders the effects of the medication & increases the risk of side effects. The In-Check range provides an excellent means of improving inhaler technique.

 In-Check Dial helps a health professional discover the optimum technique for commonly used inhalers, and allows them to assess and teach patients how best to operate their individual device.

The In-Check Nasal is another of our portable hand-held inspiratory flow meters, and this is a device that provides an assessment of a patient’s nasal passage obstruction.

The In-Check Oral is a further portable hand-held inspiratory flow meter that provides an assessment of the rate of inhalation.

The range Includes Clement Clarke  Anti-Microbial Spacer Inhaler Chamber and the Able Spacer wich informs patients of incorrect usage  and is suitable for both adults and children.

Spacers also help to prevent some side-effects from the inhaler, such as a sore mouth coughing  or hoarse voice, they can also be used to take extra puffs of reliever inhalers in an emergency  for example during an asthma attack 
This category also includes  therapy devices RC Cornet  .Respiratory therapy enables the alleviation of breathing by reducing the cause of breathing obstructions. By training breathing the corresponding muscles are strengthened and pulmonary functions are increased. These devices offer an effective alternative to physiotherapy and are suitable for bronchial asthma COPD and pulmonary emphysema cystic fibrosis and  bronchiectasis

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