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Dissecting Kits

Dissecting Kits

High quality dissection instruments supplied in durable cases or canvas roll bags for secure storage.

Our range includes. Medical anatomy dissection kits for a variety of experience levels.
Basic sets suitable for school and college students , Standard sets designed for general biology . Dissection kits for advanced biology and professional dissection sets for laboratory use. 

All the instruments are made of medical grade stainless steel and covered under our ten year warranty for surgical instruments  and are CE approved 

Dissection kit care and safety precautions

To maximize the lifespan of dissection instruments, it is important to clean and store them using methods
that will inhibit rust development.Drying instruments thoroughly is the single most important factor in preventing rust.

Always remove scalpel blades at the end of each dissection unit and carefully dispose of in a sharps container.

Dispose of any instruments that are damaged and cannot be repaired.

Always wear chemical splash goggles, chemical resistant gloves and chemical resistant apron when working with preserved specimens.

We offer to customize dissecting kits after your requirement for large orders 

NOTE The instruments are not for medical use. for educational use only.

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