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Dental Surgical Instruments Matrix Pliers

Matrix holding pliers and Ainsworth Rubber Dam Punch Pliers in high quality stainless steel

The surgical instruments are supplied non sterile and must be cleaned and sterilised prior to use Proper maintenance will extend the life of the instrument.

Recommended Cleaning Instructions after Use

Pre- soak the instruments immediately after use. Followed by manfully or mechanically cleaning using a washer disinfector or ultrasonic bath

Rinse and clean instruments using either a mild alkaline detergent or an enzymatic cleaning agent which facilitate a deeper cleaning of the most complex instruments.

Instruments with several components must be disassembled into their constituent parts for effective cleaning

 Do not use corrosive or harsh cleaning agents such as bleach

Scrub the submerged instruments thoroughly with a very soft sponge. Use only soft plastic cleaning brushes, wire brushes could scratch the finish on the instruments

 For lumens and crevices use a pipe cleaner or flush with a syringe

Actuate any moving parts to loosen trapped soil

Rinse the instruments with distilled water thoroughly

Dry the instrument thoroughly with a clean, lint-free cloth.

After the manually cleaning process pass all devices through an automatic cleaning cycle to achieve disinfection using a validated washer- disinfector machine or an ultrasonic washer

Store the Instruments in a dry and moisture free area.

The instruments should be stored individually in a protective tray with partitions    

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[ SUG364.500.16 ]
AINSWORTH 16cm 6.25 inches

  • AINSWORTH 16cm 6.25 inches AINSWORTH 16cm 6.25 inches
    AINSWORTH 16cm 6.25 inches
£ 55.44
[ SUG364.490.15 ]
TUTTLE 15cm 6 inches

  • TUTTLE 15cm 6 inches TUTTLE 15cm 6 inches
    TUTTLE 15cm 6 inches
£ 37.80
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