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Unilet - ECO Capillary Blood Sampling Lancet For Maximum Blood Flow
Unilet Eco Lancets Touch Lancets provide cost effective blood sampling providing comfort and reducing pain.

The range of lancet designs and needle specifications allows the user to select the most suitable lancet for their needs. Compatible with most capillary blood lancing devices

Specially shaped needles and choice of needle diameters enable users to obtain blood samples with minimum discomfort or tissue damage.

Complete range of needle sizes to ensure that accurate blood samples for all popular meters can be obtained with any skin type, quickly, easily and consistently.

Safety Information Due to the risk of cross infection, this single use device is for self-monitoring by a single user only.

Reuse of this single use device will affect safety, performance and effectiveness, and exposes users to unnecessary risks.

Features 28g gauge diameter 0.375mm depth

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[ UNAT0414 ]
Unilet - ECO (Box of 100)

  • Unilet - ECO (Box of 100) Unilet - ECO (Box of 100)
    Unilet - ECO (Box of 100)
£ 5.88
[ UNAT0418 ]
Unilet - ECO - (Box of 200)



  • Unilet - ECO - (Box of 200) Unilet - ECO - (Box of 200)
    Unilet - ECO - (Box of 200)
£ 9.66
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