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Washroom Disinfectant Wipes 100 XXL
Uniwipe wipes are powerful, effective wipes for every environment. 

Sanitising efficacy EN1276 and EN13727 (kills Norovirus MRSA and H1N1).

Conforming to the EN standards for disinfection, they're the first choice for healthcare organisations around the world. 

Packet includes 100 wipes that are super-soft, strong and absorbent, large in size and low-lint fabric, which leaves surfaces dry and clean in seconds. 

Wipes have dual action cleaner and sanitiser. One wipe is dispensed at a time. 

The wipes act like microfibre fabric, cleaning and trapping dirt. 

By using the wipes it means that no chemicals are needed to be stored, mixed or accidentally spilled, no more dirty cloths, no chemical misting from spray bottles and it saves water and effluent discharge.

Ideal for domestic bathrooms, industrial washrooms, hospitals, self clean environments and remote, waterless sites.


  • Recyclable packaging for less waste.

  • Manufactured in the UK.

  • Large wipe size, low-lint fabric which leaves surfaces dry and clean in second

  • No chemicals necessary, no dirty cloths, no water require

  • Safe on the skin, alcohol-free, PH neutral, unique citrus fragrance

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Washroom Disinfectant Wipes 100 XXL

  • Washroom Disinfectant Wipes 100 XXL Washroom Disinfectant Wipes 100 XXL
    Washroom Disinfectant Wipes 100 XXL
£ 15.60
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