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Sono Check - Monitor Ultrasonic Energy Level During Cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaning is very important to assist in the reprocessing of surgical instruments, monitoring energy levels and cavitation should be routine.

The process of ultrasonic cleaning relies upon the occurance of cavitation. This effect will trigger the chemical reacion in the SONO-Check changing it from green to yellow.

Effects such as insufficient energy, overloading, water level and de-gassing will increase the time needed for the colour change. In case of a major problem, SONO-Check will not change at all.

SONO-Check is used to monitor the ultrasonic energy level during the cleaning of surgical instruments.

SONO-Check is also used to measure the performance of the individual transducers during the functional test.

Use the log book to record 'time to change color' results. Colour change from green to yellow indicates a positive result.

Works with any ultrasonic cleaner if there is enough cavitation to clean, it will change colour.

Allows continuous load and process optimization.

No Foil Residues

No change/cleaning of the bath after test.
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SonoCheck: Ultrasonic Test - 30 pack

  • SonoCheck: Ultrasonic Test - 30 pack SonoCheck: Ultrasonic Test - 30 pack
    SonoCheck: Ultrasonic Test - 30 pack
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