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Endozime Instrument Cleaning Sponge Box 100
Enzymatic contoured sponge for pre-cleaning of scopes and surgical instrument

Mini endozime sponge for smaller scopes flex-rigid with an outer diameter of 2-6mm

This sponge has a unique smaller diameter opening which helps protect delicate small copes 
from aggressive cleaning where too much pressure may be applied during wiping

It is suitable for tubular surgical instruments to provide a quicker and more thorough cleaning

Individually wrapped for one-time use and saturated with  enzymatic cleaner the sponge will start cleaning on contact

Designed for small scopes  ENT rhinoscopes nasopharyngoscope uretero scopes laryngoscopes pediatric scopes hysteroscopes etc


  • Contoured to snuggly fit small scopes and other tubular instruments

  • Pre-Saturated with Endozime detergent to remove gross contaminants immediately after a procedure

  • Will not harm any metals plastics rubber corrugated tubing glass or mirrors

  • Non-abrasive with a neutral pH detergent that is free rinsing

  • Highly saturated in Endozime

  •  Begins cleaning on contact to stop bioburden from drying onto surface

  • Ideal for flexible and rigid scopes

  • Safely and effectively removes organic surface matter

  • Does not harm delicate endoscopic equipment

  • Helps reduce damage and prolongs the life of the scopes

Directions for Use

Remove sponge from plastic bag

Place sponge around the insertion tube of scope or tubular instrument

Run sponge down length of scope or instrument to remove gross soil

Rinse sponge and repeat until surface is clean

Discard sponge
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Endozime Instrument Cleaning Sponge Box 100

  • Endozime Instrument Cleaning Sponge Box 100 Endozime Instrument Cleaning Sponge Box 100
    Endozime Instrument Cleaning Sponge Box 100
£ 210.00
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