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Enzyme Foam Spray - Breaks Down Bio-Burden On Medical Instruments
The newest multi-enzymatic pre soak spray foam ,it covers your instruments with thousands of ‘enzymatic scrubbing bubbles’ which immediately start breaking down blood and bio-burden to speed  up instrument cleaning and turnaround time.

The multi-tiered enzymatic foam spray is specifically formulated to attack and breakdown blood, protein, and fat.

It is deal for keeping soiled surgical instruments moist suitable for endoscopes, laryngoscopes, biopsy forceps, hemostats to reduce bio-burden adhesion prior to decontamination and reduce cleaning time.

Enzyme foam spray is perfect for all pre-cleaning applications in the CSSD, operating room,GI/endoscopy suite, outpatient surgery centers, and dental centres.

A pre-soak to prevent post-op residual soil from coagulating.

It is easy to use - spray directly on soiled instruments and scopes immediately after use.Allow foam to stay on instruments and scopes until ready for cleaning.

Apply more Prepzyme as needed to keep moist and rinse instruments thoroughly before cleaning.


  • Instantly active - constantly active

  • Begins breaking down blood, fat, protein and carbohydrase

  • No more messy spills or splashing

  • Prevents dried on bio-burden

  • Easy and safe to use

  • Safe for all instruments and scopes - Extends usable lifetime

  • Neutral pH (non-abrasive)

  • 100% Biodegradable

  • Free rinsing

  • Will not harm any metals, plastics, rubber or corrugated tubing


Instructions for use

Place dirty instruments in a suitable container spray enzyme foam spray onto instruments, cover and leave to soak. Repeat if necessary. Rinse instruments, then proceed with regular cleaning and sterilisation process
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Pre-Cleaner Enzymatic Sprays 650 ml x 6 units

  • Pre-Cleaner Enzymatic Sprays 650 ml x 6 units Pre-Cleaner Enzymatic Sprays 650 ml x 6 units
    Pre-Cleaner Enzymatic Sprays 650 ml x 6 units
£ 115.20
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