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Decono-Zyme - Automatic Washer Disinfector For Decontaminating Medical Devices
Advanced formula for ultrasonic cleaners

A fresh look at the methods of decontaminating medical devices, refocused by the increased publicity surrounding prions (vCJD) etc. has renewed concern with regard to the hazards to staff and efficiency of manual decontamination over the more desirable “Automatic Washer Disinfector”.

Previously, due to space and financial considerations, this level of safety automation was unavailable to healthcare practitioners outside the hospital.

No manual dispensing is required, simply place one sachet into your ultrasonic cleaner and press start. The highly effective bio-degradable film dissolves during the wash process for superior cleaning.

Scientifically formulated gel which optimises its performance and maximises its cleaning efficiency.

High performance enzyme instrument cleaner which ensures all contamination is removed from the instrument.

A single 30ml gel pack gives the the precise quantity of decontaminant for a decontamination cycle and thus ensures that the correct dose is used each time.

All you have to do is simply load all of your instruments, including the pre-measured gel pack does of Decono-Zyme, press the start button and in approximately 35 minutes, a reassuring beep lets you know that the Soil Residue Removal and High Level Disinfection-decontamination process is completed.



  •     Ready to use – no further preparation required

  •     pH neutral (non corrosive)

  •     Residue free

  •     Biodegradable

  •     Free rinsing formula

  •     Environmentally friendly

  •     Bacteriostatic

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Decono-Zyme 30ml Gel packs- Pk of 20

  • Decono-Zyme 30ml Gel packs- Pk of 20 Decono-Zyme 30ml Gel packs- Pk of 20
    Decono-Zyme 30ml Gel packs- Pk of 20
£ 31.19
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