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Enzymatic Cleaner Fights Against Deposits On Medical Instruments
Designed for ultrasonic, cleaners, tunnel washers and deluge washers

It is also suitable for manual cleaning of instruments 

It absorbs the residues and holds them in suspension leaving other instruments free from cross contamination

Leaves the instrument totally clean and free from deposits

The unique formulation of enzymes  removes blood fat carbohydrates starches and protein from all surgical instruments and scopes in as little as 2 minutes.

This product is designed to clean the most difficult instruments - orthopaedic laproscopic yet is safe for use on the most delicate such as ophthalmic and microsurgical instruments

Developed for universal applications eliminating the need for all other cleaners and detergents


Cleans in 30 seconds

Safe for all instruments and scopes (flexible and rigid), extends usable lifetime

Neutral pH non-abrasive free rinsing and 100 percentage biodegradable

Easy and safe to use

Will not harm any metals plastic, rubber or corrugated tubing

Wear Protective Clothing
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[ MED8037 ]
Multi Enzyme Cleaner Box 4 x 4 Litres

  • Multi Enzyme Cleaner Box 4 x 4 Litres Multi Enzyme Cleaner Box 4 x 4 Litres
    Multi Enzyme Cleaner Box 4 x 4 Litres
£ 214.80
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