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Omron M6 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor

The OMRON M6 is the unit with the largest display in the market. 

The measurement is done most quickly using IntelliSense, the comfort inflation technology.

The M6 has a support system showing the user if body movement has disturbed the measurement and needs to be repeated. Irregular Pulse Detection: shows if irregular pulses are detected and only displays reliable results As irregular pulses (e.g. arrhythmic pulses) can disturb the measurement, this could cause false results.

A unique algorithm detects the measurement quality and assures that only valid results are displayed. If there were irregular pulses detected, those are indicated.

The device offers 90 memories with date and time as it uses the newest OMRON technology.


  • Intellisense technology

  • Speedy measurement

  • 3 cuff sizes available (optional) Memory has date and time stamp

  • Memory capacity for 90 memories Indicates if patient has moved too much

  • Largest display on the market

  • Clinically validated (International Protocol)

  • 1500 measurements with one set of batteries

  • Soft case included

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Omrom M6 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Omrom M6 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Omrom M6 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
    Omrom M6 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
£ 102.90
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