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Orion Xenon Standard Diagnostic Set
The Orion set  offer universal  fittings  for total   interchangeability  for  spare  parts  and  additional  components


Durable metal head finished in non-reflective matt finish

Bright white light from XENON powered long life bulbs

The  head has universal fittings for aural nasal speculums and  an adapter to fit the disposable ear speculums.

Supplied complete with bulb speculums  magnifying glass lens which has an enclosed viewing window and fixed nipple

for pneumatic tympanic membrane testing when connected to bellows wich is available separately


XENON powered pure white bright light bulbs provide crystal clear illumination and unrivalled  clarity

The head is made from lightweight hermetically sealed durable plastics

 Features a latex free rubber eyebrow rest  which prevents scratches to spectacles.

 Large aperture spot  pure white light beam.The macular beam diopters lenses are from 0 to +40 and 0 to -25

The ve diopters are indicated in red and the +ve diopetres in green on the illuminated diopter window.


Made  from  durable and lightweight   electroplated   metal,  and   contain   real  working rheostats  not simple on and off switches

Takes 2 C-size batteries.


  • Battery operated handle

  • XENON powered pure white light for crystal clear illumination

  • 24 Lenses Ophthalmoscope head.

  • Superb   illumination

The set contains

  •     Battery Handle

  •     Orion Otoscope Head

  •     3 x Reusable Speculum

  •     Orion Ophthalmoscope head

  •     1 x Spare Otoscope bulb

  •     1 x Spare Ophthalmoscope bulb

  •     Supplied in hard case

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Orion Xenon Standard Diagnostic Set with Hard Case

  •  Orion Xenon Standard Diagnostic Set with Hard Case  Orion Xenon Standard Diagnostic Set with Hard Case
    Orion Xenon Standard Diagnostic Set with Hard Case
£ 134.30
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