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Riester Digital l Blood Pressure Device
Riester  RBP-100 digital blood pressure device

Designed by  Riester with healthcare  practices in  mind that are seeking the quality, durability and features that  home blood pressure devices  will not offer.

Affordable, clinically validated  blood pressure device that accurately measure your patients blood pressure

Clinical grade digital blood pressure monitor for fast and reliable readings to international standards BHS, ESH, AAMI.

Clinically validated for patients with special conditions: hypertension, diabetes, pregnancy, pre-eclampsia, arteriosclerosis, end-stage renal disease, obesity, elderly and children -3 years of age.

Two measurement modes: auscultatory (manual) and oscillometric (automated). 

Auscultatory mode with auto-deflate (3 mmHg/sec) provides consistent patient BP measurement and allows clinicians to verify automated readings without removing the cuff.

Average mode (3x readings) allows for a more objective measurement for clinicians and helps mitigate the risk of elevated readings due to white coat hypertension. Interval settings in average mode 15, 30, 45, 60 sec.

It measures BP and pulse range, systolic, diastolic, heart rate and MAP.


  • Easy to read 4” LCD screen

  • Arrythmia detection

  • Large memory: 210 readings

  • Display panel with WHO Blood Pressure Value Classification (colour coded)

  • Supplied with 2.5 m air tube, 2 cuffs (M and L-XL), NiMH battery pack, AC/DC adapter (EU, US, UK, Austr.).

  • Multilingual manual (GB, FR, IT, ES, DE, RU)

Technical Specifications

  • Measurement mode: oscillometric, auscultatory

  • Measurement rate:

  • Systolic: 60-255 mmHg

  • Diastolic: 30-200 mmHg

  • Pulse: 40-200 bpm

  • Accuracy: static 3mm Hg .Puse 5%

  • Latex free cuffs: M: 22-32cm, L-XL: 32-52cm

  • Cuff pressure: 0-310 mmHg

  • Power supply: AC/DC Adapter 7.5V/1.5A NIMH AA 4.8V 2400 mAh rechargeable battery pack

  • Battery: 1.000 measurements per full charge

  • Size - weight: 170x135x41 mm - 510g (device only)

  • Certificates: ISO EN13485, Medical Device Class IIa

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Riester Digital Blood Pressure Device

  • Riester Digital Blood Pressure Device Riester Digital Blood Pressure Device
    Riester Digital Blood Pressure Device
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Mobile Stand
Height adjustable 75-120 cm

  • Mobile Stand Mobile Stand
    Mobile Stand
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