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General Surgical Instrument Large Set
Instruments supplied in the set  to cover almost any general surgery need

The Set is made from high quality  stainless steel ,precision crafted  from high grade Japanese steel that is  corrosion resistance.

All our Surgical Instruments are Accredited to ISO 9001:2000 and are CE marked in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive.

All Surgical Instruments are also cGMP (FDA) Certified

The Set includes

5 xRampley Sponge Forceps

10 x Mayo Towel Clip

5 x Instrument Pins

1 x Lane/ Bickford Plain Dissecting Forceps

1 xLane /Bickford Dissecting Forceps 1 x 2 Teeth

1x Waugh Size 8 Plain

1 xWaugh 8 1 x 2 Teeth

1 x Gilles

1 x McIndoe

5 x Halstead /Dunhill  Artery ForcepsCurved

5 x Crile Curved

10 xSpencer Wells Straight 7, 5 Cairn

5 x Moynihan Cholecystectomy

2 x Allis  Tissue Forceps

2 x Babcock  Tissue Forceps

2 x Duval  Tissue Forceps

2 x Lane /Littlewood  Tissue Forceps

2 xB.P Handle No. 4

2x  B.P Handle No. 3

1x Mayo    Needle Holder size6

1 x Mayo size8    Needle Holder

1x Naunton Morgan    Needle Holder

2x  Mayo Straight Scissors size  6

2x Mayo Curved Scissors size  6

1 x McIndoe Scissors

2 x Stitch Scissors

2 x Metzenbaum, Scissors

1x Nelson Scissors

1 xRobins Anchoring

1 xDiathermy 7 Plain Dissecting Forcep

1 xDiathermy 7 Toother Dissecting Forcep

1 xDiathermy Lead

1 xDiathermy Quiver

1 xPoole or Yankauer Sucker

1 xSinus Forceps Size 7

1 xMacDonald Dissector

1 xWatson Cheyne

1 xVolkmann Scoop

1 xProbe 8

1 x Aneurysm Needle

2 x Langenbeck Large Retractor

1x Morris Retractor

2x  Kelley Retractor

1 xTravers Retractor

Instrument Case
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Large General Instrument Set

  • Large General Instrument Set Large General Instrument Set
    Large General Instrument Set
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