Operating Instructions for the Actineb MEDIX Nebuliser System


This nebuliser system is designed to deliver a fine aerosol mist from the liquid medication prescribed by your doctor to treat your respiratory condition. Use according to the instructions given by your doctor or physician. Please read the instructions carefully to obtain the maximum benefit from this nebuliser system. Please read these instructions before using the equipment

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This mains only nebuliser system has been designed to operate from 230V ~ 50Hz (UK/EU versions, model 3604700/3604701)

The Actineb is supplied with a kit consisting of:

1 x nebuliser chamber 1 x adult face mask

1 x driveline 1 x inlet filter disc

Operating Instructions

Mains AC Operation

1 Connect mains plug to mains power supply.

2 Connect driveline to outlet nozzle.

3 Connect nebuliser chamber, followed by face mask or

mouthpiece (optional extra), to the driveline. (see below)

4 Press mains switch on. The equipment will now operate.


Note: Both versions are intermittently rated and are fitted with thermal cut-outs to protect the equipment. They can be used for continuous treatment up to 1 hour. Do not re-use within 1 hour.

Caution: Do not immerse in water.

Filling the Nebuliser Chamber -For Single Patient Use

1 Connect one end of the driveline to the outlet nozzle on your compressor.

2 Connect the other end of the driveline to the bottom of the nebuliser cup.

3 Remove the nebuliser chamber top from the cup and pour medication into the cup (max 10ml.)

4 Screw the top back onto the cup.

5 Connect either the face mask or mouthpiece to the nebuliser top.


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Administering the Medication

Switch the compressor unit on. Sitting in an upright relaxed position, place face mask over the nose and mouth or mouthpiece into the mouth, and start breathing slowly and deeply. Do not try to breathe quickly. If you have any problems, seek instruction from your physician. Switch off the compressor when the misting has stopped. Unplug the mains lead.

Safety Precautions

* Always disconnect from electricity supply before undertaking any maintenance or cleaning.

* Never operate the unit where it may come into contact with water. Should this happen, switch off at mains and unplug immediately.

* Never block air intake grills on the side of the device.

* Always keep electrical leads clear of heated surfaces.

* Position the unit on a clean surface. Do not place on carpetwhere fibres can be drawn into the unit when in use.

* Avoid using in a room where people smoke.

* Store in a clean dry dust free environment at room temperature.

* Not suitable for use with flammable anaesthetic gases.

* Do not modify the equipment or its accessories in any way.

Diagram Labels:

outlet nozzle

inlet filter

mains switch


Technical Description

Model 3604700/3604701

Region UK/EU

Rated voltage 230V

Frequency 50Hz

Power Consumption 140W

Fuse T1.6 Amp (20 x5)

Nominal Flow 7.0L/min @ 100 kPa with Microneb III

Weight 2.3 Kg

Dimensions (mm) 282 x 200 x 125

Classification Class II, Type BF Intermittent (60/60)


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Notes on Nebuliser Care


1 Do not immerse machine in water.

2 Physician prescribed use only.

3 Never use more frequently than prescribed.

4 If therapy is having no effect, consult physician.


In order that you benefit fully from your equipment, it is important that the machine and accessories are kept in a clean condition.

Ensure that the medication chamber is taken apart and washed in warm soapy water, rinsed and allowed to dry completely after each use. The jet holes should be blown clear by attaching the chamber to the air outlet from the compressor and running the machine for a few moments.

We advise that the tube is disconnected from both the outlet nozzle and the chamber after each use to prolong the life of the connector.


It is recommended that the following disposable items should be changed as follows:

Nebuliser chamber change every 1 - 3 months

Inlet filter disc

Driveline change every 3 - 6 months

Face mask

Mouthpiece/tee-piece change every 6 - 12 months

Only nebuliser chambers supplied or approved by CCI should be used.


The machine should be stored in a dust and smoke-free area. The case should be wiped with a clean cloth using a mild detergent solution.


Attention, consult accompanying documents Before operating the instrument, please read the instructions supplied carefully and keep them safe for future reference

Alternating Current

Inlet filter disc

Mains 'On'

Mains 'Off'

Class II Equipment

Type BF Equipment

This product complies with medical devices directive (93/42/EEC), meeting requirements for safety and product performance.

Tested and approved by Nemko, Norway


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Problem Action

Air compressor will If the switch is on, yet the motor does not function, not operate when 1. Check mains lead is securely inserted into wall switched on. socket.

2. For machines with a 3 pin plug (UK) remove and check the fuse in the plug.

If it still does not function there is an internal fault.  The machine should be returned to the point of  purchase or an authorised person for examination.

Nebuliser chamber

1. Check inlet filter. Replace if necessary.

bubbles or produces

2. Wash nebuliser chamber. Replace if problem little or no mist. still occurs.

3. Check driveline tubing is not kinked or leaking. Time taken to Replace if necessary. nebulise increases

4. Service compressor. significantly.


The wires of the mains lead wires are coloured in accordance

with the following code:

Blue - Neutral

Brown - Live

As these colours may not correspond to the coloured markings sometimes used to identify the terminals in a plug, proceed as follows:

Connect the Blue wire to the terminal marked N or coloured black.

Connect the Brown wire to the terminal marked L or coloured red.

NB Neither wire should be connected to the earth pin marked

E or coloured green or yellow and green.


This device conforms to:

- the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC

- BS EN 60601-1 Medical Electrical Equipment -

General Requirements for Safety

- BS EN 60601-1-2 Electromagnetic compatibility

of medical electrical equipment

- EN13544-1 Respiratory Therapy Equipment (Part 1)


It is recommended that your unit is serviced every 12 months. It is possible there may be an authorised service agent in your area who can service your unit. The details may be available from the manufacturer or distributor.

Warning: Disconnect power supply before servicing. When servicing,

use only identical replacement parts.

Replacing the Inlet Filter Disc

When replacing this disc, ensure sealed side is uppermost in filter holder, so that when replacing disc holder, the sealed side is facing down.

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This guarantee is offered to you as an extra benefit and does not affect your statutory rights.

CCI products are carefully designed, manufactured and inspected.

CCI undertake to replace or repair any part found to be defective in

material or workmanship subject to the following terms and conditions:

The compressor and motor are guaranteed for 3 years on condition


l it is cleaned and maintained in accordance with the instructions.

l any servicing or repair is undertaken by CCI approved engineers/agents.

l only CCI approved parts are used to service this equipment.

This guarantee does not apply to:

l The disposable nebuliser chamber, driveline, face mask,

mouthpiece and filters.

l Defects arising from misuse, negligence, improper

maintentance, accident, damage in shipment or
unauthorised modification or service.


To register this guarantee please return the card, supplied with this handbook, within 15 days of purchase.

CCI shall not be liable for any third party or consequential loss or damage of whatever nature arising from or in connection with this equipment. Should it become necessary to make a claim under guarantee, return the unit properly packed (preferably in the original packaging) to the point of purchase (the manufacturer, shop, distributor or outlet where the device was purchased). Please include name and address, details of problem and proof of date of purchase (please retain original invoice). Carriage costs to be paid by the customer.